Sportsuit Sensor+

Sportsuit Sensor+

No need to buy new shoes.


Not everybody wants to buy a new pair of shoes in order to use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Plus, we runners can be a finicky lot when it comes to our choice of shoes; some of us would rather run in Doc Martens than encase our feet in - ugh - Nikes.


To the rescue comes Marware's Sportsuit Sensor+, a simple, inexpensive pocket for the sensor unit of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Simply pop the sensor into the Sensor+ pouch, slip the Velcro closure through your shoelaces, fasten it, and hit the road. Be forewarned, however, that when we inserted the sensor as Marware's illustrated instructions indicated, it only tracked about half our strides; simply flipping the sensor over, however, fixed the problem.


COMPANY: Marware
PRICE: $9.95
REQUIREMENTS: Nike + iPod Sport Kit, iPod nano, shoes, feet
Keep your comfy ol' shoes.
None worth mentioning.





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