Stay Organized With Backpack

Stay Organized With Backpack

iCal is handy for keeping track of to-dos, and there are a variety of shareware apps for jotting notes on your Mac too. But you can access Backpack - which lets you create categorized pages with to-do lists, notes, files, and images - from any Web-connected computer. You can use Backpack for free, but you’ll get more out of it if you upgrade to Basic membership for $5 a month. This lets you create more pages, send more reminders, and access more online storage space.


You can share your Backpack calendars—or subscribe to others’ calendars—from within iCal.


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Get on the Right Page


Each page you create in Backpack gets its own email address, meaning you can send messages directly to that page to add content there. When you send messages to a page, use the correct lingo in your subject lines: Start with “note” for notes to yourself. Start with “todo” for a new to-do item. To view your Backpack pages on a Web-enabled smartphone, just add /mob to the end of that page’s URL.


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Picture This


To add images, video and audio clips, or documents to Backpack pages via email, attach the file(s) to a message and zap them off to the appropriate Backpack page (you don’t need to use a specific subject line). Your attachments will be stored in the Files section of that page. You get 80MB of space with a Basic account, 200MB with a Plus account ($9 a month), and 500MB with a Premium account ($14 a month).


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Archive it Already


Use your Backpack pages to store messages like bill-payment confirmations, online-purchase receipts, and the like. Just type in a Backpack page address instead of your personal email when filling out forms or joining mailing lists.


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Easy Access


Backpack can serve as a mobile backup or file-storage system. (So can .Mac, of course, but if you aren’t a .Mac convert, Backpack is a good alternative.) Upload any files you need—or even key travel info like itineraries or a zipped and password-protected file containing passport numbers and/or images.


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Put it in a Widget


Chipt’s Backpack Dashboard widget (donationware) lets you view, add, and edit information on your Backpack pages quickly.




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Not worth the pay version. Gmail and google accounts offers the same thing, for free. Come to think of it, gmail has a lot more storage space than the $100 .Mac account!

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