Steve Immortalized on Disney Ride

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Steve Immortalized on Disney Ride

Epcot's Spaceship Earth ride soft opened recently to guests. The new ride has a section dedicated to the rise of computing technology and mentions, "a garage in California during the late 70's."



It was rumored, Steve Jobs would be the sole animatronic figure in the display, but from the looks of photographs, it seems, to me at least, that Woz got the Disney love on this ride. You can't actually see the face of the unnamed programmer, but check out the image of Jobs and Woz from the 70's and compare the Steves to the animatronic.



What do you think? Is it Jobs or Woz on the Epcot ride?


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Even given the time anachronism (Lisa vs. Apple I or II), that's Woz. I have seen enough pix from that era, having grown up not far from Where It All Started, to not know The Woz.  Besides, given Job's work with Pixar...that'd be conflict of interest.



also Woz was much more likely to be sitting next to a soldering iron, being the hardware genius of the pair...



It's more Wozzy than Jobsy.

What is he working on? A wooden Lisa?


Walker Quine

While that would be pretty neat, the technology to build the lisa didn't exist until the early 1980's, most notably the Motorola 68000 processor, chances are, that is early MOS 6502 based design.

And yeah that is definately Woz, the glasses are a dead givaway.

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