Steve Jobs Gets Served, France Invaded by iPhone, NBC's Lame TV Downloads

Steve Jobs Gets Served, France Invaded by iPhone, NBC's Lame TV Downloads


Jobs subpoenaed in an SEC stock-option suit: Just when you thought the whole stock option scandal went away, it rears its ugly head again. Steve Jobs was subpoenaed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to give a deposition in a backdating lawsuit against Nancy Heinen, Apple's former general counsel. Back in April, Apple was cleared of any wrongdoing, but the SEC said its was still investigating Heinen's involvement. What this means for Apple? Not much, except that Jobs will have to spend a day answering questions from the SEC (does Jobs wear a black mock turtleneck and jeans to court?). But we wouldn't want to be in Heinen's shoes right now.


Intel promises WiMAX laptops next year: Pardon us for missing this bit of news from the Intel Developers Forum going on in San Francisco this week. Intel says it will start shipping WiMAX-equipped laptops next year. So let's get the rumor mill going - perhaps we'll see a WiMAX equipped, Montevina-based MacBook Pro in the second half of 2008.


Voulez-vous iPhone: The iPhone tour through Europe continues this week, with France Telecom announcing today that it is the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in France. France Telecom didn't announce a ship date, but it'll probably be November 9 to coincide with the UK and German releases. France Telecom also didn't announce pricing, though they did say that the company would not subsidize the phone. The European release of the iPhone will help Apple reach its 2008 sales goal of 10 million units, but will the iPhone also help boost Mac sales in Europe?


NBC offers free TV downloads: NBC said that it will offer some of its more popular TV shows for free - if you own Windows. And they'll have commercials you can't skip. And they'll expire after a week. And they can't be transfered to another Windows computer. In 2008, NBC will have a store for buying shows - shows that will be priced higher than what's offered on iTunes. More evidence that NBC just doesn't get it: the president of NBC says that piracy is NBC's biggest concern, and that iTunes facilitates the music industry's piracy problems. Good luck, NBC. With insight like that, you'll need it.


Mac OS 10.4.11 seeded to developers: Rumor has it that developers have received Mac OS 10.4.11. The update will have bug fixes, including remedies to issues with the BSD Kernel and interlock timeouts, ASR and scanning and restoring, and more. The word is that this will be the last update before Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) ships in October.


Mossberg says Apple knows about bad iPod touch screens: In his review of the iPod touch, the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg says that Apple acknowledges that some screens are bad and that "Apple says this problem affected a small number of units and is being remedied."




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I've heard October a million times but is there a set date or is it just 'some time in October'? Will it be the same price as Tiger is now? Thanks.



It definitely won't be Oct. 1. I'm guessing it'll be late October. That's a pure guess. I don't have any inside info.



Very interest information. Thx



I think your comment about NBC is right on considering how successful their TV downloads is compared to ABC. It sucks compared to ABC. NBC is "Nothing But Chumps" and I hope their free TV download model flushes down the toilet where it belongs. I am not as diplomatic as MacLife in my opinion of NBC's direction on downloads, so thanks for letting me vent!



Why would anyone want to use this service? You would be better off using a standard VCR and watching it that way. At least you could fast forward through the commercials. People buy online videos to get just the video, not commercials. DRM complaints lame and just an excuse. NBC said they didn't leave iTunes for higher prices, yet look what is said in this story, higher prices! GREEDY executives is what it all comes down too.
Well they are going to be hugely disappointed to find that know one with any ounce of brains will use this crappy service or Amazon's for that matter to pay more for video's filled with commercials!

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