Steve On Your TV, MacBooks As Quake Detectors and Aperture SDK Now Available

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Steve On Your TV, MacBooks As Quake Detectors and Aperture SDK Now Available


Pixar on TV: When Steve's not introducing new iPhones, he's running a little movie company called Pixar. If you haven't heard of this small animation studio, check out, "The Pixar Story" tonight on Starz.


iPhone messaging patent: A messaging patent hints at a possible update to the Apple SMS messaging system within the iPhone. Will MMS finally come to the iPhone? We'll just have to wait until WWDC to find out.


IT and the Mac: With Apple's computer market share growing and the enormous success of the iPhone, IT departments are having to adjust their "No Mac" policies as more employees switch from the dark side.


MacBook quake: Earthquake researchers hope to utilize your MacBook's accelerometer to measure earthquakes. Using a distributed computer network, much like SETI@home and Folding@home, researchers would turn your MacBook into a seismic sensor. Okay, on the count of three, let's all shake our laptops at once.


Aperture SDK: Getting bored with the iPhone SDK? Why not give the Aperture SDK a whirl. Available now, the latest SDK will allow developers to create plug-ins for Apple's high-end photo application.


Patent roundup: MacNN has a nice article on the latest Apple patents. Behold the wonder of, "Method and Apparatus for supporting Real-Time Collaboration," or be in awe of, "Time-Based, Non-constant Translation of User Interface Objects Between States." And who could forget the ever popular, "Retrieving Multi-Byte Vector Elements from Byte Indexed Table using Replicated and Consecutive Number Added Indices for Each Element Index."



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