Steve Shares With Fortune, Developers Get SDK Fever and Air Gets Grounded

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Steve Shares With Fortune, Developers Get SDK Fever and Air Gets Grounded


Steve Speaks to Fortune: If you want to interview Steve Jobs, you have to go to Hawaii. Fortune did it, and now we're all booking our tickets. Steve shares his thoughts on the iPhone, management and what would happen if he left Apple.


Sarah Lacy is bombing interview: How do you blow an interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg? Ask questions, then interrupt Mark as he answers them. Oh, and do it in front of a studio audience.


iPhone SDK and developers: Developers are giddy about writing apps for the iPhone. Get ready to replace all of your videos with apps.


Air a security risk: TSA agents kept a MacBook air owner from catching a flight. The port-less, SSD equipped machine, was new to the agents. Who knew TSA didn't get press releases from Apple, someone should fix that.


Black iPhone?: iLounge found an interesting black Apple-branded product on an Enterprise Program private iTunes page. Could it be the rumored iPhone nano?


Design Awards a plenty: Apple won eight IF design awards at CeBIT. Do they even have a room big enough for all the design awards at Apple?


Lionsgate gives iTunes digital copies: Independent studio, Lionsgate, has joined Fox in distributing digital iTunes compatible copies of new releases on consumer DVDs. The first release, Rambo.


Quicktime breaks Flash: Some users are experiencing issues with Flash sites after updating to Quicktime 7.4.1. Use caution with the latest update.


OS Wars, guess who won: It's an OS smack down. The cage match, pitted Leopard, Vista and Ubuntu against each other in a no-holds barred extravaganza.





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This article says a lot of misguided things about all three platforms... Plus that say that IE7 is "especially slick when compared with Safari, a bad browser" Huh? I mean, yah; I prefer Firefox, mostly because of the keyword search feature. But Safari still blows IE out of the water.



Roberto Baldwin

How slick can IE7 be when I can't put transperant PNG's on the site without worrying about IE7 displaying them incorrectly.


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