Steve Woos the Studios while Avon is Calling at the Apple Campus

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Steve Woos the Studios while Avon is Calling at the Apple Campus


iTunes Rentals: Steve Jobs is reportedly close to closing rental deals with all the major studios, except, of course, Universal. The rentals are expected to cost $3.99 and have a 24-hour availability. Apple is expected to update its lagging Apple TV line to accomodate the new iTunes rentals.


Avon calling: CEO and Chairman of Avon products, Andrea Jung, has been named to Apple's board of directors.


DRM-free Sony BMG: Sony BMG announced it will soon be selling songs without DRM. Sony is the last major studio to announce its plan to strip its music of DRM. It's a good day to be a music lover.


HD DVD, we hardly knew you: The Warner Bros. announcement that beginning May 2008, they will release all films as Blu-ray or standard DVD, is a huge blow to the HD DVD format. Hopefully this whole format war will be decided soon. No one wants to be the guy who bought the Betamax.


Fridge party mix: Whirlpool is offering a refrigerator with an iPod dock. No word on washer/dryer/Appe TV product.


Cable makes friends with gadgets: Comcast chief, Brian Roberts, announced that his company will embrace the Tru2Way format. The new format will allow TV's, electronics devices and your cable connection to talk to each other. Who's ready for video-on-demand refrigerators?




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Smitty Black

What ever Comcast can not get cable t.v. internet nor phone right. I am to believe that they are going to do this right. no thanks.
Drm free music is great, and if only Microsoft incorporated the hd-dvd drives in their 360 consoles. it might of had a better chance.

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