Steve's #1, Leopard Lemon and iPod touch is a Sell Out

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Steve's #1, Leopard Lemon and iPod touch is a Sell Out


It's good to be the king: Fortune magazine has named Steve Jobs the most powerful person in business. With Jobs and Apple taking over almost every industry out there, it's only a matter of time before we're flying iAirlines.


Greenpeace list: Greenpeace's 'Guide to Greener Electronics' ranks the top 18 manufacturers of electronics based on how much they love the environment. Apple moved up the list, while our favorite Italian plumber's company scored zero out of ten.


Verizon opens up: The mobile giant has announced it will open its network to hardware not sold by Verizon by the end of 2008. Before you get all excited, the Verizon network is CDMA based while the iPhone is GSM based.


Puck you: Remember the Apple puck mouse that came with the candy colored iMacs? Yeah, they sucked. Well, the CNET Crave guys in the UK think so too and named it one of the worst tech products ever.


Leopard a lemon?: Mulesource CEO and Apple fanboy, Dave Rosenburg, doesn't think highly of the latest OS X operating system. Blasphemy!


Touché touch: News of the iPod touch's failure have been greatly exaggerated. Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales have put the touch on backorder.


Sam & Max hit the iPhone: Monkey Island and Sam & Max on the iPhone and iPod touch. Need I say more?



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The fact that the iPod touch has gone on backorder is hardly proof of popularity. If Apple ran relatively low production runs of the iPod touch in anticipation of moderate (rather than the usual ecstatic) demand, it would be more accurate to say that it sold better than expected.

The concept of the iPod Touch has always seemed to be a bit odd to me. It's essentially a castrated iPhone, isn't it? Not to mention that it's large, and a glossy screen is hardly amenable to working out (sweat marks, glare under bright lights). Backorder or not, I still say it's a short-lived mistake.

That said, I love Apple, I love my 24" aluminum iMac, and I've already saved up for the January release of the new ultralight laptop (which actually fills a market niche, unlike the iPod Touch), so please don't waste time flaming me.



Well, I own a touch and I absolutely love it. So, to each his own I guess.

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