Stick A Fork In 2006

Stick A Fork In 2006



It's as good as done; since we're holing up for the holidays after today, we figured it'd only be right to stock you up with some week-long-weekend reading, which LowEndMac delivers in the form of the epic tale of Steve Jobs' ousting from and prodigal return to Apple. It's an excellent read, and depending on your attention span, might take you the rest of the year to finish. Maybe start out with Dennis Sellers' holiday poem, A Visit From Steve Jobs. With a whole week off, we might finally dig through all those conflicting reports of online-music sales, but we're not that gluttonous for punishment - instead, we'll check out Andrew Kantor's bigger-picture look at what it all means for the recording industry itself. We usually try to avoid the annual look back/look ahead articles, but this one's interesting if only because it's been one heckuva year for Apple. How big? Ask Business Week, or better yet, just read their report on the Tech Hot Growth 50 (personally, we're saving that one to cure our waiting-for-Santa insomnia on the 24th.). Was it really only a year ago that Steve Jobs unveiled the first Intel-powered Mac? And finally, a nice shorty to inspire your seasonal spirit: finally someone suggests what we've all been thinking: Apple could immediately own the downloadable-video market if it started making deals with the porn mongers. We all know that's not happening any time soon, so we're content knowing that Apple is taking the slow-and-steady path to market domination, rather than the hot-and-heavy. Oh, and if you're taking a vacation from reading, here's one for you: the Queen of England is updating her annual royal Christmas Broadcast to, you guessed it... the Royal Podcast. Sign up at the official BM Webpage, and join us in saluting her with a royal high-five. Oop, there's one more thing: if you're still looking for that perfect gift for your favorite friend (or MacAddict editor...) nothing shows you care like an iPod shuffle in a slick home-made case. Better yet, make a case like that for our MacBooks! Or give us nothing at all - we still wuv each and every one of you, and wish you all the best of the season and a fabulous 2007.




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