Stop iChat Windows from Opening in Different Spaces

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Stop iChat Windows from Opening in Different Spaces

If you're a Spaces fan and you still insist on using individual chat windows for iChat, you've probably come across an issue where you have chat windows assigned to multiple Spaces.


Two Spaces, two Chats, too confusing.


I keep my iChat windows in the dock so I can see which chat needs attention. When a new chat is initiated it is assigned to whatever space I'm in at the time. For example, if I am in space 3 and the person I want to IM with initiated the chat in space 2, when I click on their icon in the Dock I'm shot over to space 2. While it's cool at first, after a while it gets annoying.


iChat is now assigned to Space 1.


In order to stop the iChat space-switching madness open the Exposé & Spaces preference and set an Application Assignment to iChat to one space. Now all my chats are in their assigned area unless I manually move them to another space.



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Assigning is a great way to define Spaces--practically a must for every program you'll open on a daily basis. But is there a way to get around a program automatically switching you to its Space? For example, if I get a new Chat, while I'm in the middle of photo editing in Lightroom, I suddenly get shot over to Space 1 to see who messaged me. This is annoying; maybe a way to turn it off?

And setting a program to Every Space isn't a solution, since a program like LR takes up my whole screen and I don't want iChat overlapping windows, etc...

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