StudioPro 3

StudioPro 3

Speakers? Nope. These are monitors.


M-Audio's StudioPro 3 may look like a nice set of powered speakers, but technically, it's a pair of monitors. What's the difference between speakers and monitors? Monitors attempt to reproduce the originally recorded sound as closely and realistically as possible, a necessity in studios. The sound that emanates from these self-powered monitors is squeaky clean: singing highs, emphatic mids, and punchy bass. Turning on the bass boost adds a significant amount of boom, though probably not enough to please bass freaks-but total thump isn't what these monitors are about.


The StudioPro 3 monitors are solidly built with wood wrapped in plastic veneer, and they're constructed to minimize vibration and prevent interference from your Mac and other devices. Each monitor has a one-inch tweeter for highs and a 3.25-inch woofer to handle mids and lows.


Two rear-mounted RCA jacks act as your main input (an RCA-to-1/8-inch-stereo-jack cable is included), and two 1/8-inch jacks sit on the front of one speaker: one auxiliary-device input and one headphone output. Each monitor measures 8 by 5.5 by 5.9 inches, and both together weigh about 9 pounds. As a nice added touch, M-Audio includes a set of stands to help position the speakers at the correct angle and some foam pads to further dampen vibration.


The bottom line. Whether you're setting up your first home recording studio or even looking for an alternative to run-of-the-mill powered speakers, the StudioPro 3 desktop audio monitors are a relatively inexpensive way to get sweet, accurate sound reproduction.


CONTACT: 626-633-9050,
PRICE: $99.95
REQUIREMENTS: Mac or other audio device with audio-out port
Solid construction. Great sound. Nice price.
Bass may not be enough for some.





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