Stylus 750

Stylus 750

This camera fits nicely in your right hand - but only your right hand.


If Olympus meant to design a compact digital camera so straightforward that users wouldn't be tempted to even glance at the manual, the company succeeded with the 7.1-megapixel Stylus 750. It's completely automatic. Just set the camera to one of 27 shooting modes and start clicking away - with no manual settings available. It can even help you pick the right setting; just turn the mode dial to Guide, and the Settings Guide shows you several scenarios such as low light, intense backlight, and more. The guide then tells you what mode you should select.


The 4.7-ounce camera is light and compact enough to hold in one hand - your right. (Sorry, lefties.) This way, you use your right thumb to press the directional buttons to navigate the menus. Unfortunately, the flash is misplaced under the shutter button, so as you press the shutter with your right index finger, your other fingers can easily block the flash, resulting in shadowy patches on your image. The splash-proof Stylus 750's 2.5-inch LCD is plenty bright in all conditions except the most important: strong sunlight.


Next to the shutter button is a button that toggles the image stabilization on or off. The camera has both optical and digital image stabilization, which helps shaky shooters take sharp photos without a tripod, especially action or low-light shots. The image stabilization only seemed capable of compensating for mild camera shake and moderately paced action, however. It couldn't capture usable images of cars racing around a track, for example. But that's asking too much of this compact camera anyway.


The Stylus 750 produced true-to-life colors with little noise, though we found the images to be too soft overall. When the lighting is good, the Stylus 750 shines. But none of the dozens of photos taken in a dim office were keepers.


The bottom line. As a no-nonsense compact shooter, the Stylus 750 works. However, for the same price, you can find a camera with more features and better image quality.


COMPANY: Olympus
PRICE: $379.99
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.2 or later, USB
All automatic features. Comfortable design. Good image stabilization.
Images are too soft. No manual controls.





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