Switch the 3D Leopard Dock to 2D

Switch the 3D Leopard Dock to 2D

Either you don't mind the new Dock in Leopard, or you absolutely hate it. Me, I'm not a fan of the new Dock. My feeble eyes find it hard to see the indicator dots on the 3D plane - plus, I don't really want a 3D dock.


If you switch your Dock to the side instead on the bottom of the screen (System Preferences > Dock > Position on screen), you get a 2D Dock. But I'm used to using the Dock on the bottom of the screen.


There are a few ways to change the bottom Dock. You can change the graphic files for the indicator dots so that they're black triangles. You can go into the Terminal and type in commands that eliminate the 3D plane. You can even change the color of the 3D plane so it has more contrast.


I'm lazy and don't feel like messing with the Terminal or modifying graphic files. Instead, I'll use Eternal Storms Software's 2DOrNot2D. This free application (donations accepted) changes your Leopard Dock from 3D to 2D (and back, if you change your mind). It's really easy to use.



1. After you download 2DOrNot2D, launch it and a single-button window appears. Click on the button.



2. The software asks for confirmation. Restarting the Dock is a simple process (it doesn't require your Mac to restart). When you're ready, click Yes.



3. Enjoy the 2D goodness of your Dock. Wanna switch it back? 2DoOrNot2D can bring back your 3D Dock with just the click on a button.




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I made a set of scripts that does exaclt that email me at arkaniad@gmail.com if you want em


Thomas Baker

Solves a major interface annoyance for me.
Can they solve the folder appearance too?

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