Synchronizing iCal to Outlook

Synchronizing iCal to Outlook

BusySync 2.0 will synchronize your iCal calendar to your Google Calendar, and it will also synchronize your iCal calendar over a LAN or WAN to other iCal users.


Oh my, a mixed-platform relationship!? Scandalous! Might I be so bold as to suggest switching to a Mac-using boyfriend instead?


OK, if I can’t convince you to ditch your lover, here’s the solution that you’re looking for. And it’s a lot simpler than you might have imagined. It actually involves using Google Calendar as the “matchmaker” between you and your boyfriend.


First, sign up for a free Google Calendar account at


Next, on your Mac, install an iCal/Google syncing program, such as BusySync 2.0 ($24.95, or Spanning Sync ($25 per year or $65 one-time purchase; Simply configure one of these programs to connect to your Google Calendar account, and you’re all finished on the Mac side.


Then, on your boyfriend’s PC, all he has to do is install and configure Google Calendar Sync

(free,, which handles the bidirectional syncing of Outlook with Google Calendar.


And that’s it! Now you two can communicate with each other at all times via your respective calendar programs.




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It's even better to use some free software for syncing, I tried BusySync and SpanningSync, but now I use SyncMate which is in some ways more functional and free.



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Or, if you have a smartphone or PDA that can be synchronised to both computers, just use that as the go-between. As an accidental side benefit, you always have a backup lying around the house!



Or in case you were on vacations in the deep pacific and without any access to the Internet you might have missed out on Apple's MobileMe/ announcement at the WWDC.

I find Me a much better bargain than BusySync or SpanningSync, stuff that I find almost insulting to be anything else than free. I hope some programmer will put out a free synchronization tool between all these Cal apps really soon.

Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand, if you sign up for MobileMe/, formerly, for $99/year, you will be able to sync your Cals with Outlook, iPhone, iCal - don't know about gCal - create group calendars and access everything on the web just like you would on your Mac and still get email accounts, a bunch of other synchronization tools (like bookmarks, address book, docs), really nice & fancy photo storing/sharing/viewing and 10GB of disk space to share docs, files whathaveyou.

You should visit and go to their MobileMe section, they have a demo video that is self-evident.

As expensive as it still may be, I find these 99 bucks per year much more justifiable than what these pirates are charging for their syncing tools. They will be short lived, I'm sure.

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