Syncing Problems with Palm

Syncing Problems with Palm

Move any conflicting conduits into your Disabled Conduits folder to get your Palm sync working again.


I have Mac OS 10.5 and a Palm Centro, and have synced Now-Up-To-Date to my Palm. Recently, I installed Microsoft Office 2004’s Handheld Sync Installer so I can sync Entourage to my Palm. But now there’s a conflict between the Entourage conduit and the Now-Up-To-Date conduit. Solutions?


Whenever you sync your Mac to a Palm handheld device, you can only have one conduit enabled on your Mac for each Palm application that you’re syncing to. The Entourage conduit is particularly robust, because it synchronizes to four different Palm applications (contacts, calendar, memos, and tasks) with a single conduit. Therefore, you should disable any other conduits that may also be trying to synchronize to those same four Palm applications.


In the Finder, navigate to /Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync. In that folder, you’ll see a Conduits folder that contains your actively installed conduits, and a Disabled Conduits folder, which is where you’ll drag the conduits that you want to disable.


Microsoft Entourage’s Handheld Sync Installer automatically moves the Address, Date Book, Memo, and ToDo conduits (which are all used by Palm Desktop) to your Disabled Conduits folder. And in your case, you’ll want to move the Now Contact and Now-Up-To-Date conduits there too.


Additionally, other conduits may conflict with Entourage, including conduits called Apple, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and ChronosNotes. Once you move all the conflicting conduits to the Disabled Conduits folder, try syncing again, and it should work fine.




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doug rogers

I'd love to get my Palm Treo 650 syncing with iCal again. I'm using Missing Sync. The errors reportedly are bugs in the sync database that Apple has to fix. Been broken a long time.

So, this looks like you're using Palm Hotsync. Does it work with the Treo? on Leopard?

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