T3 Interviews Greg Jozwiak

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T3 Interviews Greg Jozwiak


With the announcement of the iPhone and iPod touch memory update, Mac|Life's British sister-site T3, scored an interview with Greg Jozwiak.


Don't expect to many clues as to when the next upgrade is expected. Mr. Jozwiak seems to be well versed in the Apple, "We don't talk about future products," company line.


Still, he gives hope to our UK friends that they should be expecting video rentals by the end of the year.


Check out the entire interview here.




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With Apple delaying the release of an iPhone that supports features such as HSPA, video calling and GPS they only leave the company open to being beat by competitors. Example Motorola already sells such a device which is the MQ9H. Apple continues to spit out their advertisements furiously but still offer customer little incentive to purchase new hardware. Case in point "Time Capsule". Instead of fixing Leopard's Time Machine and the bugs in the AEBS to work over WIFI they tell their customers their solution is to release Time Capsule. Basically telling customers to ignore the fact they already paid for an AEBS and NAS based on Apple's false advertising that Leopard's Time Machine would work over WIFI. This info was pulled from their website shortly after launch but not before customers had already made their purchase. Apple sure knows how to spin.

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