Tactile iPhone Add-On

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Tactile iPhone Add-On

We've been hearing complaints about the iPhone's lack of a "real" keyboard since its announcement. It's an issue of tactile feedback. If you can't feel the keys your brain shuts down and your fingers fumble for some bit of texture. At least that's what some people believe.


For those people, MyTouchKeys was introduced. It's essentially a screen protector that has cutouts where the keyboard resides. These cutouts give the impression of pressing a physical key. This seems like simple fix for an issue that has been raised. Of course, those little holes may make viewing images and videos kind of wonky.


My issue is whether actual iPhone owners miss their smartphone keyboards. I did a quick unscientific poll of iPhone owners I know to see just how much they miss the alleged tactile feel. Most complained about having to switch to a second keyboard for punctuation. All of them found the lack of a tactile keyboard a non-issue.

So I figured I'd ask my favorite web peeps. As an iPhone owner, do you miss the tactile keyboard? Vote in our poll or leave your comments below.





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My Touch Keys is a overlay that sits on your iPhone’s screen and has cutouts which line up with the location of the on-screen keyboard (portrait mode only). The static-cling sheets use their subtle divots to give you feedback on the location of the keys, even if you’re not looking at the screen.So many many thanks for this article. I know lot of things about this post. Its so popular. I like this.

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but i have a samsung omnia which works just the same. it has 9 different methods for inputting text, and for now i use the oldskool phone pad, which works as if it had the usual physical buttons. granted i had to look at what i was ding to start, but now i don't have to look at the screen, or at least i shut off, as it vibrates when i touch the "button".



Seems to me that this device misses the whole point of owning an iPhone. The iPhone is an innovative device. As the former owner of 2 Treos, I don't miss the tactile feedback at all. The iPhone keyboard, while being small and somewhat difficult to use, is easily gotten used to. I know this sounds like some sort of Apple fanboy post, but I've gotten accustomed to trusting the iPhones ability to pick the right word based on my keystrokes. I honestly feel I enter info with the iPhone just as quickly as I could on the Treo.



Mike Redman

I currently have an iPod Touch or at least my wife does, an iPOD classic and a Blackberry 8820 for work. I have extensive experience with typing on both the virtual keyboard of the iPod touch and the tactile keyboard of the Blackberry. Without doubt the tactile keyboard of the Blackberrry is vastly superior to the the virtual keyboard of the iTouch both in terms of typing speed (once you get used to both), error correction (easy to roll back to an error with the 'Pearl' - not so easy with an iPod Touch and using one hand.
I think Apple should bring a version of the iPhone out that combines the benefits of an iPod plus a tactile keyboard for 'power' users. They could have an iPhone classic and an iPhone touch to satisfy everybody.



I don't own an iPhone and the lack of physical keys is one of the main reasons I haven't made the plunge. This screen protector doesn't seem like a perfect solution but it is certainly an improvement.



My wife is the iphone owner in our family, because my cell service (Verizon) is paid for by my employer. But I'm the one that really wants an iphone, so I got one for her, so at least I can touch it once in a while. I only get to use it occasionally, so I'm not quite used to the virtual keyboard. I find that the more I use it, the more I like it, but my big fat thumbs definitely don't get along with it very well!
I have a Treo 650, and since I'm used to that keyboard, I still prefer it. Especially not having to switch screens for numeric and punctuation entry.
What I'm really missing on the iphone is the ability to SEARCH the address book for a particular entry.



As a former Treo user, I don't miss the tactile keyboard at all. As was mentioned above, having to change keyboards for punctuation can be annoying. Also, I wish that the "landscape" keyboard available in Safari was available for SMS and other apps, but overall I love the iPhone's keyboard.



Oh, God, yes. The virtual keyboard is atrocious, I hate the lack of tactile feedback. It's easily one of the worst decisions Apple's made in the design.



I have an iPod touch, not an iPhone, but they're really the same device... now more than ever.

I actually like it better without a physical keyboard. While trying to input my contact info into a friend's new BlackBerry, I actually 'jonesed' for the virtual keyboard on my iPod touch. It was horrible because they keys were way too small and made out of hard plastic. The worst part is that the person with the BlackBerry is already on AT+T, so I asked them 'Are you NUTS?!?!'

I've grown quite fond of the virtual keyboard, and anything else just seems prehistoric.

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