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Can you recommend any voice dictation software for the Mac? I have a bunch of cassette tapes that I would like to transcribe on my MacBook.

First, you’ll need to import the audio from those cassettes into your MacBook using Griffin’s iMic and an audio-importing app such as WireTap Studio or Audio Hijack Pro.


Transcriva gives you an iChat-like interface for transcribing your audio files.


Then you’ll need a dictation app to help you transcribe the audio. We recommend Express Scribe (free, www.nch.com.au) or Transcriva ($19.99, www.bartastechnologies.com). Good dictation software should support a wide variety of audio file formats, allow you to control playback through keyboard shortcuts or a USB foot pedal, and give you a user-friendly interface to work with.



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My spouse is a Certified Medical Transcriptionist sho is moving out of that business after many years in it. The Holy Grail of that business has some of the high tech automated voice activated dictation systems for various doctors. The issue that this and any other sysem has is the individual who is speak English as a Second Language (ESL). The systems really can't understand what the *$%^ the individual is saying. As an example go to an emergency room and try and understand what 1/2 the residents are saying. The computer has the same problem.

In a word, this is technology that needs work and is a wide open area if anyone can fix it. Sounds like a good project for Apple. Speaking the words is cool but translating spoken word to meaningful and accurate text is another ball game.

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