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Take Two



Microsoft's Mac Business Unit has released an update for Office 11 -- for real this time -- and offered an explanation for why the last one was so quickly pulled. While you're updating, grab Apple's newest security update, which fixes flaws in QuickTime. January will be the "month of Apple bugs," brought to you by the same researchers who ran the "month of kernel bugs" project in November, whether some bloggers like it or not. Apple's forthcoming consumer electronics will include a version of Mac OS X. Maybe that'll help make them as popular as the iPod shuffle, which is flying off shelves this holiday season at twice the rate of last year's version. What else is cool today? Pluggd is a new way to search the content of podcasts, Mac minis are helping Ford manage its assembly line, and you can carry your laptop in a pizza box. Not recommended for easily confused delivery drivers.



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Now that Apple has dropped the "Computer" from its corporate identity, perhaps your new iteration ought to be "Apple Life". Or if they'll let you use the symbol, then "(symbol) Life". Good luck with the mag.

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