Technology That Makes You Ask, Why?

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Technology That Makes You Ask, Why?

There’s plenty to love in the world of gadgetry--and plenty more that makes you scratch your head. When a great idea marries up-to-the-minute technology, its offspring can be absolute genius. Think iPhone, iPod, or even the Swiss army knife. From simple to complex, the best gadgets are cleverly designed and born of a well-perceived need, while others, no matter how clever, seem to try to fill holes that don’t really exist. When ingenuity gives way to poor judgment, the results are often what we consider a waste of a perfectly good battery.



Are you kidding? You can’t stir your own coffee?
Self-Stirring Mug
Just in case your fingers are super tired, the battery-operated propeller at the bottom of the mugs spins at 3,000 rpms, automatically stirring your beverage at the touch of a button. You still need to use your arm to lift it though.




No wonder they’re lonely . . .
Pekoppa: Toy Plant for Lonely People
For those starved for interaction of any kind, this plastic plant will bend forward when spoken to, supposedly mimicking a human being’s nod. The plant, which remains idle until it is addressed, has an IC chip placed in its pot that enables it to identify rhythms in human speech and respond accordingly. Now you can delete your profile on




Aren’t there children starving somewhere?
Diamond MP3 Player For Dogs
This diamond- and gold-encrusted MP3 Player for your dog apparently plays stress-relieving music according to what it perceives your pet’s mood to be--all for only $2000. Hmmm . . . unstoppable music coming out of a thing dangling from your dog’s neck; their highly sensitive ears must love that.




As if getting out of bed in the morning weren’t fraught enough already . . .
Digital Flying Alarm Clock
This gadget takes annoying to a new level. The rotor, which buzzes and flies up to nine feet, won’t stop flying around your room until you get out of bed, catch it, and put it back in its base. If you choose to hit snooze, a buzzer will go off every seven minutes for an entire hour. You might as well get up. Now isn’t that a lovely way to start the day?




What’s the matter with a real candle?
Flickering LED Remote Controlled Candle
The makers of this product actually use the fact that you won’t burn your eyelashes off when you look closely at this “candle” as one of it’s key selling points.




Slippers with headlights. Need we say more?
BrightFeet Lighted Slippers
What did we ever do without these? Fall down the stairs in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom? Thank goodness someone had the good sense to pursue this idea. Although, we wonder if you need a flashlight to find your slippers . . . Maybe if you just sleep with them on, you would never be in danger of the dark.




Do you really want light beaming up through your pillow while you sleep?
Glo Pillow - Wake With Light
Not yet for sale.
While we get the idea of using gradual light that simulates the sunrise, and in turn awakens the body gently over a period of time, instead of jolting it with a sudden alarm, we’re just not sure we want our pillow to glow. Or to rest our heads on anything that needs to be charged. (Night sweats, anyone?)




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Jan - I like the slippers with headlights most - what a great gadget for young dads like me when once again looking for the binky thrown out of the bed by little Em during the night. Cheers, Matt


Scott B

You ask "what is wrong with a real candle?" There are fire codes in some jurisdictions that limit the use of real candles. For example, you cannot have an "open flame" on a table in the District of Columbia. Rather than putting votive candles on tables, they use these LED candles to create their ambiance.

For people who are doing decoration for parties in homes with children, it removes the danger of little hands going to play with fire when mommy and daddy are not looking.

While many of these items are funny and a bit frivolous, the LED candle is a practical solution to these safety issues.



Why LED "candle light"? Is fire extinct?



Underwear for a safe - complete with "skid marks"
That is freakin' hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!
*no batteries needed :)



I never knew about the annoy-o-tron but am currently brainstorming where I will be placing the 5 I have on order.


Roberto Baldwin

You didn't hear this from me, but air vents and inside computer towers are great places to hide stuff.


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