The Beatles on iTunes? iMac Freeze Fix? iMac Accolades? And More? YES!

The Beatles on iTunes? iMac Freeze Fix? iMac Accolades? And More? YES!


The Eggman, the Eggman, the Walrus: Sir Paul McCartney, taking a welcome break from having to shell out a bracing $140 mil in alimony to his vindictive one-legged ex-wife, is coyly ginning up the possibility of a 2008 appearance in the iTunes catalog of Beatles’ songs. Is anyone at all interested? Bronfman, as of yesterday, for one.


The Freeze Fix: Apple’s second update this month finally fixes the iMac freeze problem. Nice. And just in time for…


They Love Me, They Really Love Me: BusinessWeek comes across with a damned near perfect rating for the iMac. Loving the apps and the ease of set up. Do we say “we told you so” now? Or later?


And Outside of Bronfman: While we’re still totally amused that Bronfman, Jr. is coming across with love for iTunes [how the hell DID that happen?] and that the backdating suit thing just got thrown out? Is it possible that Apple's totally on that Michael Corleone thing? We mean it reminds of us that scene from The Godfather Part 2: you’re free to go Mr. Jobs. Teflon Don, indeed. Yeaahhhh…..just as cool and amazing as the stock price jump on China iPhone promises. Coming up roses.


Ultra-portability?: Only Macworld Expo knows.


And kudos to: Mac|Life Senior Editor Eugene Robinson's recently released tome on absolutely nothing at all related to Macs.







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When it comes to the breakup and settlement between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, my sympathies are with Paul, and I have no problem with the description of Mills as vindictive. But the gratuitous reference to her one-leggedness is tasteless and offensive.



Am I alone in thinking that the "And Outside of Bronfman" section is nearly incomprehensible? There's a sentence fragment, and too many references to things that even geeks may not know.



you don't know The Godfather?!?




Not all of us communicate solely through Facebook-style sentence fragments and movie references, Vin.



ahhh....but some of us do communicate that way....Bwhahahahah!!

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