The Great Communicator, Pt. 3

The Great Communicator, Pt. 3

You can type posts directly into Jaiku, or load feeds (shown in a column on the right) that automatically generate more Jaiku posts.


Jaiku. Jaiku is pretty close to Twitter, but goes beyond by letting you add feeds to your page, also referred to as your “presence.” Then, every time something is posted to one of your feeds, it automatically becomes a Jaiku post on your page, too. This is a great way to get attention for your blog, podcast, website, Flickr stream, YouTube videos, bookmarks - you could even add the RSS feed from your Twitter stream (to find it, go to, scroll to the bottom of your list of tweets, and click the RSS Feed link). Once all your feeds are in, Jaiku can take over completely, and you can always throw in your 140 characters’ worth anytime.


When you add friends to your Contacts list, you’ll also see their Jaiku posts, including posts from their favorite feeds. But you can click a contact’s name to go to his Jaiku page, where you can deselect feeds that you’re not interested in. Back at your Jaiku page, you can harvest new RSS feeds (either just your Jaiku posts, or yours plus all your friends’) at the bottom of the Overview and Your Jaikus tabs. Jaiku also offers Channels, which are like group accounts that can be public or private.


Jaiku displays a couple of textual Google ads on your page, with no option for upgrading to remove them, like Pownce offers. (Only Twitter is currently ad-free for everyone.) Help is available in the official channel (#Jaiku) or at the wiki (, which also has a list of apps and widgets, including badges for Facebook, MySpace, Second Life, WordPress, a gadget for iGoogle, a mashup with Google Maps at, and more.


TikiTwit updates Twitter whenever you change your iChat status.


Crossing the Streams. Just when you thought the main services had funny names, along come sites and scripts that combine one or more of these services, and thus give rise to another crop of bisyllabic nonsense. is a free Web-based app that lets you view your Twitter and Jaiku streams side by side, and post to both simultaneously. There’s even a version optimized for mobile phones, at brings the ability to automatically create Twitter posts from RSS feeds, which can be incredibly handy for keeping multiple services synced (see “Don’t Hate, Automate” below). And there are also tools to integrate these services with apps already on your Mac - TikiTwit, for example, is an app that connects iChat and Twitter. When you change your availability status in iChat, TikiTwit creates a Twitter post sharing the same status message. It even works when you set your iChat status to “Current iTunes track,” updating Twitter every time the song changes. Be sure to keep an eye on the wikis for Pownce, Jaiku, and Twitter to stay informed about the latest apps and mashups.


BONUS TIP: TinyURL to the Rescue

Twitter and Jaiku limit you to 140 characters when you’re typing in a post. If you want to share a link, a long URL could eat up most, if not all, of those characters. To solve the problem, head to, where you can paste the long URL into a box, click a button, and get a short - excuse us, tiny - URL that points to the same location.


BONUS TIP: Don't Hate, Automate

So you’re eager to keep in touch with your crew, but your friends can’t all agree on the same service to use? No worries, with a little setup you can post to all three - Jaiku, Twitter, and Pownce - at once.


Start by typing your posts in Pownce (just be sure to stick to 140 characters or less). Your Pownce posts are then collected in an RSS feed, found at Then head over to, and sign in with your OpenID (get one at Enter your Pownce RSS feed, and tell Twitterfeed to post new items every 30 minutes for a minimum of lag between Pownce and Twitter. Now that all your Pownce posts are being automatically copied to Twitter, head to, scroll down to the bottom of the list of tweets, and click the RSS Feed link. Finally, enter that address as a new feed in Jaiku, and voila! Your Pownce posts will be replicated on both Twitter and Jaiku, and your circle of friends is complete.




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its good tool very help in my work. thank you.



Shouldn't I be reading this in the magazine that I pay for before reading it on the free internet? It almost makes the magazine useless.

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