The Hacks Are Back, Apple Tops Amongst College Students and iPhone in France

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The Hacks Are Back, Apple Tops Amongst College Students and iPhone in France


Hack-tacular: As we reported last night, an iPhone running firmware 1.1.1 was successfully hacked. The iPhone Dev team hasn't released a jailbreak program for the masses yet, but that hasn't stopped hackers from releasing a SpringBoard multi-page patch.


The iPhone wasn't the only device on the hacking block. iPod touch hacker, Niacin, has gained access to the iPod touch root. It's only a matter of time before your adding to your iPod touch's calendar.


The countdown begins for Apple to release update 1.1.2, now.


iPhone France part deux: After a false start, France may be getting its iPhones after all. Orange CEO, Didier Lombard, told French newspaper le R├ępublicain Lorrain, that all issues and steps to make the iPhone available in France will be completed by the end of the month. Sacrebleu!


It's all about the branding: A recent study by Anderson Analytics shows that the Apple/iPod brand is tops among college students. Apple ranked no. 2 in overall best brand and the iPhone and iPod ranked no. 1 and no. 2.


iPod curriculum: After being banned by many schools, iPods are making their way back into education as teaching aides.


The saddest story ever: What's crueler than opening your birthday present believing you have received that coveted iPod only to finding rocks inside? Having it happen twice.


George Harrison hits iTunes: The last of the Fab Four is available in the iTunes Store. Now, if we could only get them all together in some sort of super group in iTunes.


Naan and iPods: Reliance Retail have reached an exclusive agreement with Apple for standalone stores in India. The first iStore will open in Bangalore by the end of October.



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It can be good to be nostalgic, but it is the iTunes Store, not the iTunes Music Store.


Roberto Baldwin

Thanks for the heads up.


I won't even tell you about my music library.

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