The iPhone Revolution, Apple Laptop Sales Up, Safari 3 Update, and More

The iPhone Revolution, Apple Laptop Sales Up, Safari 3 Update, and More

Apple laptops' market share is up: A recent study shows that Apple has 14.3 percent of the laptop market. Apple is fourth in the market, behind HP, Toshiba, and Gateway. On the other hand, Apple's accounted for 10.4 percent of desktop sales, up just slightly from April's 10.2 percent. Also, sales in brick and mortar stores rose for Apple to 11.5 percent in May, compared to 10.1 percent in April. It's all good, folks - the Mac revolution is on the march!


New Safari beta: Apple has released Safari 3.0.2 beta, which fixes an XSS bug. The WIndows version has the XSS fix and also fixes a vulnerability that could let an attacker disguise the browser's address bar.


And now for the iPhone hype: Cruel of us to make you read through two other stories before we got to the iPhone stuff, huh? Hey, we're just pacing ourselves - after all, it's a long way until Friday. As we all know (and it's now confirmed by the Washington Post), the industry is abuzz with the iPhone. Not only will it change the nature of communications, but it will also turn the entertainment industry on its ear. If you're wondering about when they'll actually arrive in stores, well, it turns out that your local Apple store may already have the iPhone in stock. AT&T still haven't released plan details, but you can figure it'll cost about $2,200 for two years of iPhone use. If you don't feel like sitting through the 20+ minute iPhone guided tour, here's synopsis of iPhone features you may not yet know about. And if you're a betting person, perhaps you want to wager on the iPhone's success? Considering that Apple could make over $200 million on June 29 alone, you might want to bet on the over, not the under.


Mac OS 10.4.10 goes snap-crackle-pop: According to some on Apple's support forum, the recently-released Mac OS 10.4.10 update creates an annoying popping sound. Apple hasn't commented on the problem - apparently they're too busy revolutionizing communications.




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I agree, that noise COULD slowly drive me insane. Seriously, it's freaking annoying.



Which Mac do you won that is making the popping noise? I haven't upgraded yet because I wanted to wait and see if there were problems. I ran into a myriad of problems with 10.4.9




A Macbook Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHZ. And GOD it's annoying.

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