The iPhone Story, Get Your Coffee Quicker and Kid Reporters

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The iPhone Story, Get Your Coffee Quicker and Kid Reporters


A boy and his iPhone: A year after being announced, the iPhone still makes for a good story. Wired tells the untold iPhone story while we await iPhone 2.0.


iPhone Quickorder: Apple's recent patent filing for cashless paying system utilizing the iPhone has been brought to life, sort of. Designer, Phil Lu, has designed what the system may look like and we eagerly await our chance to order up a triple-shot non-fat light-foam with room, venti latte.


Former Apple employees take guesses: The guardian has rounded up former Apple employees to hear their predictions for Tuesday's keynote speech. Check out their informed ideas while we wonder why the Guardian didn't call Eugene.


The children are our future: Gizmodo found the next David Pogue, plucky 14-year-old reporter, Aaron Broder, covered CES for Scholastic News Online.


Elements on its way: Adobe is taking preorders for Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac.


Expo guide on your iPhone: If your going to the Expo next week, check out the i.Zami expo directory formatted for your iPhone or iPod touch.


What's next for Macs?: Maybe they can gain some ground in the business realm. "Thanks to virtualization and a migration to Web-based applications, Windows' grip on the [enterprise] desktop may be starting to loosen just a bit."


Mac Pro benchmarks: How does he new tower stack up. Check it out for yourself.



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