The iPhone Unleashed, France Telecom Talks iPhone, MTV, Real and Verizon Talking Tough on iTunes, and More

The iPhone Unleashed, France Telecom Talks iPhone, MTV, Real and Verizon Talking Tough on iTunes, and More

Prometheus Unbound, and other iPhone tales: Who among didn’t see THIS coming? What? What?’s clever prodding, probing and poking has finally yielded a piece of software that’s being claimed to break Apple’s SIM locks on the iPhone. Working since the day of the iPhone launch, their solution only takes a couple of minutes from top to bottom to get the deal and done and videos of it being done are floating around. What’s this mean? That foreign users can have their iPhones now and that those of us who misery with AT&T is the stuff of legend don’t have to swallow hard just to have an iPhone. Niceeee…


Apple Speaking French: We’re reading that France Telecom is confirming that they’re talking with Apple about the iPhone but that’s about all they’re saying. This, right on the tail of Financial Times reporting that Deutsche Telekom’s mobile-phone unit, T-Mobile, has agreed to a profit-sharing deal with Apple’s iPhone interests. France Telecom’s Orange unit and Spain’s Telefonica’s O2 have also reached iPhone terms.


Trying to touch up iTunes: You stick around on top of the hill long enough and someone’s bound to try and knock you off, which is precisely what MTV, RealNetworks and Verizon Wireless (yeah, we CAN hear you now?) are going to try to do to iTunes. Which means that MTV will merge its Urge digital music store with Real’s Rhapsody into something that can be drawn across Verizon’s V Cast Music service. Lots of luck, folks.


Fake Steve, Fake Larry: Something else that had to happen: first the runaway success of The Fake Steve and now The Fake Larry. We wonder if how exactly one might distinguish The Fake Larry Ellison from The Real Larry Ellison. Oh wait, one’s a know-it-all loudmouth and the other is…oh, never mind.



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