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The Mod Shop

We Mac users see ourselves as the creative types. We design logos, write blogs, make films about the iPod nano. We've got the art thing covered.


Unless, you're talking about case mods. PC users have cornered the market when it comes to creating a custom built computer case. Who can blame them, most PC makers lack the design skills of Apple. Still, that's no excuse for the Mac faithful to fall behind in this artistic endeavor. gives Mac users the chance to compete with PC and console modders to win the site's monthly $2,000 prize pool. Rigs are paired up and the community votes to determine the winner.


So, get that TORX driver and hacksaw out, it's time to start modding.


Here are two recent Apple hardware mods to help get those creative juices flowing. A couch made from 20 Macintosh IIs and a blinged out MacBook Pro.



And of course, the greatest Mac mod ever, the iBorg!






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