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The Music Man


A month or so back I made a remark about replacing the current Mac|Life theme song with something of my own creation. I said it jokingly and before I knew it I was carrying a keyboard home with the intention of becoming the next Mark Mothersbaugh. Check back weekly as I either create a musical masterpiece or will end up with the musical equivalent of the Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick.


Week one: The Keyboard From the Future.



Yamaha was kind enough to allow me to borrow a PSR-S900 keyboard for the project. It has an intimidating amount of buttons and lights, so if this music thing doesn't pan out at least I know what it's like to create music in the future.


I opened the box and placed the keyboard on my coffee table. I turned it on and my wife said, "I didn't know you knew how to play the piano." There's problem number one, I don't know how to play the piano.


I had band class in junior high and I vaguely remember how to read music. I fooled around with the guitar in my early 20's, but I never advanced beyond playing Nirvana songs while skipping the difficult parts. I thought I was cool, my roomates wanted me dead.


While toying around with the keyboard's interface, I wondered if I could use the keyboards "demo" song as the new Mac|Life theme song. It has a good beat and you can dance to it, but it's not what I set out to do. Plus, the Yamaha people might have an issue with someone stealing their music.


I placed the keyboard back into it's box and decided to invest in tutorial software. Lack of talent hasn't stopped me, why should lack of piano skills.


Check back next week to see if Robbie has given up or is tearing up "Mary Had a Little Lamb."




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I have a similar background in music to Roberto. I was in 'band' in middleschool - and can vaguely remember how to read music - although as I played trombone - bass-clef experience doesn't really translate well when trying to create music. I also attempted to learn to play guitar but in discovering the severe hand cramps that came with it, i quickly tired of living life as 'the claw.' I have however using an M-Audio midi keyboard in combination with Garageband been able to create halfway listenable music which I have posted on my personal music page on iTunes. It is amazing what you can do with an intuitive program and a little experimentation. Good luck with the new theme song Roberto!



We would like to see more accurate splicing in Garageband in the future.A little tighter and up close in there, you know? Right now you can do splitting of tracks and drag and drop , of course. But getting into the track even more precisely would make it a nice improvement. As always, Apple is doing a great job with iLife.


Don Gould

New song. My question is for the how to print it as sheet music? I'd like to print out a piano solo from a downloaded cd. Is this possible?

Don G.



No, Don.

now the software has not yet reached a level ... it is a fairly complex task for software development


Roberto Baldwin

I'm sorry, I'm not named after the Marvel superhero "Speedball." Also, while I find the name Angus to be cool, I do not have a brother by that name.



Sorry to ask are you Agus Baldwin's brother ? You had been in Jakarta/ Indonesia before ?



What is the name and artist of the current theme song? Thanks!



are you named after comic book superhero "robbie baldwin" from spiderman?



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