The Rumor Boycott Is On

The Rumor Boycott Is On


Yes, the rumormill has reached a fever pitch; speculation abounds on what we'll see next Tuesday morning. So perhaps a little diversion is in order, because obsessing on the spoilers all weekend will surely drive you mad. We know, it's a little late to preempt that, but one thing's certain. Unless Steve Jobs unveils an amorphous blob that assumes the form, style, and function of exactly what every pundit wants, there'll be media-heck to pay. So in the interests of your sanity, do something productive this weekend; how about setting up or shoring up that home wireless network? MacFixIt has a typically thorough rundown of Mac-friendly wireless routers, and if you need more show-and-tell help with your setup, peruse CreativeMac's video tutorials - part 39 in the network series covers intermittent WiFi connection problems (which in our experience are more often than not caused by a 2.4GHz cordless telephone).


Oops, this just in: Our tree-hugging-hippie friends claim that Apple denied Greenpeace a booth on the expo floor, so the organization is holding a press conference on Monday at 11:00 AM at the Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel in SF (seems an excessively swank venue for such a righteous bunch; look for MacAddict editors picketing the place Monday, on our official last day as MacAddict editors). Don't get us wrong, we dig the earth, but it'll implode on its own long before a few grams of 'toxic chemicals' that are allegedly built into Apple hardware do any damage.


Now where were we? Oh yeah, diversions. Here's a whopper, an 800MB demo of The Movies, a game that we've been dying to try. And how about something for the productivity minded - like VMWare's recently released Virtualization for Mac Beta Program. And if ever a weekend warranted some heavy reading, this is it. How about a little Robert X Cringely, even if we keep to ourselves the snarky comments about Vista and Microsoft's DRM play for ownership of your very cortex. Ok, now pinky-swear with us: I will not indulge any more expo rumors. Good, now you can thoroughly enjoy watching the keynote in QuickTime (are we blind, or is that broadcast not being pimped on Apple's website? Here's our prediction: a la Santa, Steve Jobs will personally deliver a video iPod/Phone device to each and every human on planet earth Monday night, upon which we can all watch the keynote in our jammies), or plan b, following along at one of the many live-coverage sites.



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