The Scariest Thing at Mac Expo

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The Scariest Thing at Mac Expo

For expo goers who happen to enter the Moscone south C entrance to the expo floor, you will encounter this image on the Canon booth.



Uh, yeah.



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Charles Hunt

actually Roberto, the scariest thing should be your failing eyesite and limited exposure to the arts (and uh, homophobia?)

The image is a female in a flesh colored leotard.

If you had spent some time at the ballet, cirque de sole, or even a stretch class...


Roberto Baldwin

Hey all,

The article was tongue in cheek. Considering the rest of images within the booth, this one stuck out like a sore thumb and that struck me as hilarious.

I'm only replying because someone implied that I'm homophobic and that is a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned.Please try and restrain yourself when throwing around accusations of hatred.

For the record, I have two art degrees and spend much of my free time creating and viewing art. Art is always a subjective to the beholder, I've spent hours trying to convince my Art Nouveau loving wife, that Mark Rothko is an incredible talent on par with her favorite, Aubrey Beardsley.

So relax everyone. We don't want to scare Rik away from his calling as a nude art model.




"We don't want to scare Rik away from his calling as a nude art model."

I was talking in my earlier post about experimental theater, not art modeling -- but back in my 20s I was, indeed, a nude art model, working for a number of painting classes here in the Bay Area. In those days I was exceptionally thin -- art teachers loved that look because it made it easy to perceive musculature and its attachments.

Being an artist's model is not as easy as it sounds ... if you think it is, try a broad range of pose work, from changing poses every 15 seconds for quick sketch work to holding the same pose for an hour (with breaks). A bit of a stretch, no pun intended...

Nowadays, however, in my late 50s, if I were to again model nude, it'd be for Francis Bacon.

Oh, he died in 1992.


Oh yes, this is a Mac-oriented website, right? Then here's a recommendation: Check out SansDigital's new dual-drive RAIDs, both with eSATA and USB 2.0, which use Silicon Image's chipsets with SAFE33 and SAFE50 enhancements that let you mirror one-third or one-half of each drive, leaving the rest un-mirrored.

Or you could just close your eyes and imagine me naked, you naughty, naughty guys'n'gals.


Carl X Pan

Funny, I always thought it was those asexual "guys" and "gals" running around as living billboards for the software/hardware developers were quite disquieting to me!!! I'm stunned when I hear that "Mac Addicts" appreciate Apple's superior attention to design when they can hardly recognize aesthetics in their everyday lives. Duh!
"It's in San Francisco..." get a life, kid.


mikee d

look at any art deco graphic item and you will see this image previewed... hip up



Can't you see it? That guy is a dead ringer for none other than former MacAddict editor-in-chief Rik Myslewski!



Hey, I'll accept the compliment (if that is, indeed, what it was...), but I haven't looked that svelte since back in the 70s when I was doing nude dance scenes for a San Francisco-based experimental theater company.

Scary to think of now, though...



So, your problem with this image is what? "Uh yeah" doesn't help much. I saw it there and thought it was pretty cool and well done. Sexy and stylish and a good image of the human body in an acrobatic pose. And the printing was pretty lovely, too.

So your problem is..................?



It's freaking hilarious! You've got what looks like an asexual "Ken doll," doing some lame pose, and it doesn't seem to represent anything, other than this "person" has a glowing orb-light coming from their crotch region.

Funny stuff!



it's a flighty guy with one big....
Only in San Francisco
and I believe it's an albatros pose

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