The Worlds Smallest Mac?

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The Worlds Smallest Mac?


A poster in the OQO Talk forums claims to have hacked his pocket-PC into a device capable of running Leopard. Check out his video here.


The forum poster wants to finish the project before providing how-to details and warns it's definitely not a plug and play procedure.


The OQO model 02 has a 1.6GHz VIA C7M ULV processor,1GB of DDR2 SDRAM. Supports 3G HDSPA, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity.


OQO was founded by the creators of the original TiBook. When Apple refused to allow them to create a teeny-tiny Mac, they left to form OQO.


We spoke with OQO, and while they can't officially support Leopard running on their device, they believe this will show Apple that users want a fully functioning hand-held computer beyond the iPhone. 


What do you think? Is he running Leopard or skinned Vista? Sound off in comments.


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I have both an OQO Model 2 and a Macbook Air. Given the painfully long boot time (which is the same as XP on that device) the OQO is underpowered on the CPU side. However, looking at the Leapord screens, it is clear this guy pulled it off. I think it is the same process that Psystar claims to have working, which is the open source vanilla kernel with Leapord stacked on top of it.



i think the demo on video is legit and is possible. it would be good to see an OQO running mac os. think possible! :)



If it's a skin, it's a darn good looking one. I'd say he's done it. I for one am definitely interested in a fully functional handheld Mac.



I remember seeing Tiger, very scaled down obviously, running on an iPod a while ago. Granted, that is Apple hardware, but it proves that it can be installed on something so small. With the right drivers, the QQQ should be pretty easy to install it on....finding drivers would be difficult though.


Kendall Tawes

While this pocket PC thing is most certainly not a hoax (probably?). I have to tell you that the iPod running OS X tiger was a hoax. All they did was use screen capture software and play the resulting mp4 on the iPod. Yeah I was excited about that one too for a few seconds at least.

Live and learn.



I'd say it's running Leopard. It's got specs that are more than capable of it. I mean, if it can run Vista, it can run Leopard as long as he was able to get the drivers for everything....

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