This... Is... Awesome

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This... Is... Awesome

When Woz wasn't changing the face of modern computing as we knew it with a friends of his -- Steve something -- he was selling the raddest car on the market, the Datsun 280Z.



Now that we know he's a natural car salesman, which car would Woz pitch now? We're guessing the Tesla. Or maybe a Prius.


Via Macenstein



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Hey, it looks like that was filmed at my alma mater, Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Kind of a funny location on campus to shoot the cars; they're on the landing of a wide stairway, with no ramp to drive up and down. If Steve really drove one in that spot, he'd have had only a few feet to move it before hitting a wall.



Actually, Woz is still selling cars. He's an investor in, a site that sells used cars.

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