Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Drive for show, putt for dough.


Mark Twain once said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” We can only guess what Twain would think of video golf, but the sentiment would probably be the same.


Video golf, like real golf, isn’t for everyone. But Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is fun for both real-world golfers and just about anyone with a Twain-like disdain for golf. Golfers can embrace the fantasy of competing against pros and playing on famous courses. And for anyone who associates a driver with a chauffeur and a putter as something you do around the house, Tiger Woods is a well-designed game that helps you understand golf concepts, without all of the allergens shed by fairway landscaping. Tiger Woods sinks both types of players with many game types alongside a compulsively deep simulation of the sport.


Initially, graphical glitches disappointed us, with spectators and players sometimes appearing and disappearing randomly. Visuals look OK overall, but Tiger Woods is far behind the quality we expect from a major title. Distant tree details pop in and out, and many buildings look like flat, shadowless walls of color. The game’s real-life golfers (more than a dozen are here) look more interesting, but with creepy blank facial expressions.


The actual gameplay made up for the average visuals. You can choose a pro or create a customized character for a virtual career. Quick-play matches allow immediate tee-offs, while tournament modes plod through sequential competition. Several practice and skill modes (like a single-hole challenge or a putting contest) help teach the game, although we wanted a more comprehensive tutorial.


Instead, we entered a practice mode to figure out the impressive ball-hitting mechanic. Players have a choice of a few options, including the old familiar click-at-the-right-time meters, but we played with the mouse as a virtual club. As you move the mouse down and then up, the onscreen player takes a backswing and a shot. Mouse movements guide the speed and length of the stroke, and the golfer hits with slice or hook if the mouse curves. Putting works the same way, with a satisfying tap as the club meets the ball. We had fun practicing drives with a trackball, loosely reminding us of classic arcade golf games.


On top of this strong core, Tiger Woods adds vast layers of customization. Different game modes—including skill tests and more than a dozen ways to play the 14 real-world courses—keep players occupied. You can challenge other players online and even compete on a single computer by taking turns.


The bottom line. Average, sometimes-glitchy graphics knock Tiger Woods into a bunker, but the deep golf sim hits the game back onto the fairway every time.



COMPANY: Electronic Arts

CONTACT: www.ea.com

PRICE: $39.95

REQUIREMENTS:1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor or faster, Mac OS 10.4.9 or later, 1GB RAM, ATI X1600 or nVidia GeForce 7300 or later graphics card

Detailed simulation of golf matches and tournaments. Stroke mechanics feel fun. Variety of real-world golfers and courses. Online and single-Mac multiplayer.

Intel Macs only. Average graphics quality, especially on backgrounds. Not enough tutorial content for new players.





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Why is it these days game developers shoot for all this enviromental realism and then have the goofiest looking characters?

I still have an OS 9 boot Mac just to play LinksLS. I wish that were still around in a modern update.



I agree. I loved that game. I have read so many bad reviews of Tiger I'm afraid I won't buy it.



I wasted my money buying Tiger 08, it plays like crap, choppey and glitchy and my computer is brand new, and more than meets the system requirements

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