Time Machine and AirDisk, Together at Last (and More of Today's Headlines)

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Time Machine and AirDisk, Together at Last (and More of Today's Headlines)


Time for AirDisk Machine: Or, um, AirDisk for Time Machine. Yes, today's big news is the release of two updates: The Time Machine and AirPort Update 1.0 software upgrade, and the AirPort Extreme Firmware Update 7.3.1 (for the newer, square APE base stations, not the older conical ones). These updates allow you to use Time Machine to back up to a USB hard drive attached to your AirPort Extreme, a feature known as Air Disk. This was touted as a feature of Leopard in the various previews, but then left out of the final operating system when it was released, leading some to speculate that Apple left it out on purpose to push the Time Capsule router/hard drive combo, which does the same thing. But no, seems that was just a bug that Apple has now eliminated. Yay!


March Madness on Joost! While your Time Machine is dutifully backing up data on your shiny AirDisk, why not kick back and watch some killer basketball? The NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament, aka the Greatest American Sports Event of the Year, starts today! And Joost is making the day even brighter by testing its new Joost Live service with broadcasts of the first-round games. And we're so happy we could cry. (Go, Badgers. And Golden Eagles. And Stanford. And everyone but Duke.)


iTunes Rental Rumors: BusinessWeek is pooh-poohing the recent rumors that Apple would offer subscription options for the iTunes Store, either through a premium-priced iPod or iPhone that includes access to music, or through a monthly subscription fee. "Wishful thinking," says one article, and another claims that "reports are overblown." Fortune points out that Apple would likely have to share revenue from iPod sales with the music industry. But some analysts are saying it might boost the iPhone's market share, or trigger a new surge of iPod sales. If it happens.


Dangerous Enterprise? Switching from PCs to Macs is expected to save Auto Warehousing nearly $2 million over 3 years. But before the company took pains to explain that to its employees and customers, the CEO actually got a death threat when its migration plan was published in Computerworld. (Geez, a death threat? He's fine, BTW.)


And finally: Wired's advice to Apple over 10 years ago turned out to be wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, a lot of it anyway. Lucky for us, Apple didn't listen to the wrong parts.



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Paul K

Everyone but Duke? Duke rules!!


J. Swaim

Friggin' about time.



What about us guys with conical ones?


Susie Ochs

But from what I've heard, the firmware update might just be for the square ones. I'll try to confirm.



Let us know when you can confirm it working on a hard disk other than an apple product!

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