Time Picks iPhone for Top Spot Again and Woz Remembers the Good Old Days

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Time Picks iPhone for Top Spot Again and Woz Remembers the Good Old Days


Seriously guys: With the hundreds of Apple fanboy sites out there, none of them are bigger cheerleaders for the iPhone than Time Magazine. Named Time's "Gadget Of the Year" after being named "Invention Of the Year", expect the iPhone to be in the running for "Person Of the Year." We love the iPhone too, but seriously.


Television eh: As expected, Canada can now bask in the glory of iTunes TV downloads. Let's watch some hockey!


Commodore 64 is old enough to rent a car: The Commodore 64 celebrated its 25th anniversary with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and former Commodore chairman Jack Tramiel. Commodore was one of the only companies Steve and Steve approached about building the Apple II. Lucky for us, they rejected them and decided to create the Commodore 64. Congrats, it's all downhill after 25.


MovieBeam call it quits: Online movie rental service MovieBeam will be pulling the plug on its service leaving customers with a $200 set-top box brick. Users could rent movies from an online library, but were constrained with a 24-hour time limit in which they could view the content they had chosen. I hope the tech and media companies are listening.


And finally: Need a gift for someone you don't like?




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