Updated: TinyBooks 5.0.0

Updated: TinyBooks 5.0.0

TinyBooks (currently for Macintosh only) is an ultra-simple accounting and bookkeeping program designed for home and small businesses and perfect for Sole Proprietors. TinyBooks is a flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping program and the perfect companion to help with taxes throughout and especially at the end of the year. Though designed with small businesses in mind, it can also be used in the home to help with the family finances.


Many tax-related programs (such as TurboTax, or TaxCut) are tied to a particular tax year and must be re-purchased every single year. TinyBooks is NOT tied to a particular tax year. Tax laws may change, but the need to keep track of expenses, income and profits never seems to change, and that is exactly what TinyBooks is all about! TinyBooks actually works by itself. All you have to do is enter each expense or income item, as it happens, or at month end, and the program calculates everything else, automatically and instantly. The Accounts dialog and the non-modal Reports window allow you to create Income, Expense and Custom Reports, sorted as desired, and for any time period. The new Accounts Dialog not only instantly displays monthly and year-to-date account totals, but now also displays monthly trends (instantly, graphically, intuitively and without any user intervention.) Budgets are also optionally and easily integrated into any account.


TinyBooks also includes a Professional Invoice Printer utility and the invoices are printed on plain white paper, so no expensive third-party forms are required. And, of course, transactions can be imported and exported, as desired (for instance, to give to an accountant, or for import into a spreadsheet, etc.) TinyBooks also supports all kinds of domestic and international taxes, such as Sales Taxes, GST (Goods and Services Tax), PST (Provincial Sales Tax), VAT (Value-Added Tax) and more. TinyBooks can even handle multiple types of taxes at the same time...and all while keeping the program as simple to use as it ever was.




To download a trial copy of TinyBooks 5.0.0 (240KB), click here.




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