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Once the movie is rotated, how do I keep it from being squashed to the 4:3 size? I took a portrait-oriented video of fireworks on July 4, and after rotating the video, the scale was all wrong. The video was short and fat.



I use iPhone Explorer (freeware at to move iPhone4 movies to my Mac.

Here are the steps to solve your problem.

1. Obtain TransformfMovie shareware from Kagi at
2. Process iPhone movie with TransformMovie Rotation and Filtering preference set to Rotate 90 degrees Counter Clockwise
3. Import rotated movie into iMovie'09
4. Rotate clockwise in iMovie as follows:
Select imported clip
Go to Window:Cropping Ken Burns & Rotation
Select the right curved arrow at the top-right pane to rotate clockwise

You should end up with your portrait video imported into iMovie'09.

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