TomTom GPS Update

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TomTom GPS Update

French language site, MacGeneration spoke with Yann Lafargue of TomTom about the their navigation software on the iPhone.


The company does have its software running on an iPhone. Lafargue states that the discovery of a restrictive clause within the iPhone SDK agreement that restricts real-time route guidance isn't an obstacle, and is Apple's way of protecting itself. Still, TomTom is proceeding with caution with it's plans to bring its software to the App Store.


"In general, Apple has so far worked with more Americans than Europeans, prompting a caution. There is a whole set of things to confirm before talking about marketing."


Editor's note: Quote translated using Google Translate.


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Hi, I'm french speaking and just wanted to say that the translation is quite good...

In general, Apple has so far worked more (and «mostly») with Americans than Europeans, which leads to be cautious. So, there is a bunch of things to validate before talking about commercialization.

This is probably how I'd translate it (it's quite a lot like what you already have) but there you have it (I'm not a translator or anything, but I think I'm quite good in english...compared to others at least)


Joe B.

i can't believe you clowns don't use a more reliable translator. amateurs.



Why so angry?



If they are eventually able to release this for the iPhone, this would save you the money of buying a hardware GPS navigator. Therefore, really make the iPhone cheaper than it's predecessor, right?



The new iPhone will have GPS built in. The biggest advantage I can see to TomTom, besides potentially a better interface, is that the maps would (hopefully) all be stored on the phone. While this would take up 1-2 GB, the concept of needing a data connection for Google Maps any time I want to have GPS navigation is less than compelling. When I'm in the middle of nowhere and I really need GPS, the GPS signal shouldn't be hard to get. The data connection over the AT&T network, however, may not be available at all.



The maps won't be that large, the entire US (not Canada) is 800mb, the UK and Ireland is 120mb, Australia 110mb, and the whole of Western Europe is 860mb. This is using the information from the more basic TomTom models, as I doubt they would include all the features of the top of the range model on the iPhone

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