The TransPod is the iPod car adapter we've been looking for all our lives. Well, at least since late 2001.


The TransPod might be the perfect iPod car adapter. It's well constructed, uses any FM frequency, allows FM presets, is compatible with any dockable iPod, and charges your 'Pod battery. Plus, the signal it transmits to your car radio is solid - we were able to use more than a dozen FM frequencies, all with excellent clarity.


There's even an arm extender for the TransPod, which we needed for use in our 2005 Mazda6's 12-volt socket, which is located close to the gearshift. Without the extender, the TransPod gets in the way; with the extender, everything fits fine. Your car, of course, may be different


The bottom line. The TransPod is one of the better - maybe the best - iPod car adapters we've used.


CONTACT: 866-800-4763,
PRICE: $99.99
REQUIREMENTS: Any dockable iPod
Uses any FM frequency. Charges 'Pod battery. Sturdy.
Can obstruct items near 12-volt socket. Pricey.





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