'Twas the Night Before Expo

'Twas the Night Before Expo


Apple Phone, iLife '07 updates, a new spreadsheet app for iWork '07, an eight-core Mac Pro - you name it, it's been mentioned as a possible new product for tomorrow's much-anticipated Mac Expo keynote by Steve Jobs. But, thanks to Apple's enigmatic home page, people are now making vague predictions of the unexpected. Others thinks that Apple will unveil what you'd essentially think of as a Mac nano. Regardless of what you think about the Apple rumors, you gotta agree that almost everyone seems to have an opinion. If you're one of the people who can't/won't get up at 4AM for a pre-keynote really, you can watch the keynote online. In other news: There's actually another huge (and we mean huge) trade show happening in Las Vegas this week: CES 2007. The keynote was given by Bill Gates last night, and he talked about the PC as a home entertainment device. Sony's new PC is cute. DRM won't last past 2007. And finally, NASA found life on Mars, and killed it.



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No, actually you cannot watch the Keynote online.

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