UI Browser 2.0.2

UI Browser 2.0.2

PreFab UI Browser is the ultimate assistant for Apple's AppleScript GUI Scripting and Accessibility technologies. It helps you to explore, manipulate and monitor the User Interface elements of most Mac OS X applications running on your computer.


Choose an application in UI Browser's Target menu to browse its UI elements, or use the new built-in Screen Reader or press a hot key to read any application's UI element on the screen under the mouse. Then use UI Browser to perform actions on the selected UI element, view and set its attributes, observe notifications when any of the target's UI elements change, and send keystrokes to the target.


Use UI Browser to test the target while you write GUI Scripting scripts or add accessibility features to an application you are developing, and you can be confident they will work as expected. UI Browser is an indispensable tool for scripters who use Apple's AppleScript GUI Scripting technology. With GUI Scripting, you can automate an application by scripting its user interface even if it does not support AppleScript.


GUI Scripting opens up whole new worlds for script writers, much as PreFab Player did for the classic Mac OS. But there's a catch: it's very difficult to figure out how to specify the User Interface elements you want to control with your scripts. UI Browser solves this problem. UI Browser understands the arrangement of an application's UI elements, and it knows their names and AppleScript index numbers. It helps you navigate the user interface hierarchy of a target application and enables you to generate useful AppleScript statements with a single click.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later


To download a trial copy of UI Browser 2.0.2 (1.3MB), click here.




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