UK iPhone 3G a Steal

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UK iPhone 3G a Steal


Mac|Life's British sister site, MacFormat has good news for the iPhone loving British public. The iPhone 3G in the UK is a better deal than the United States version.


In the UK, the iPhone 3G will sell for £99. Existing iPhone owners on O2's £45 or £75 per month tariffs can get a new iPhone for free. That's right FREE!


Well, at least we still have cheaper gas.


Check out MacFormat's entire list.


UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that anyone can get a free iPhone from O2, not just current iPhone owners. To AT&T we have this to say, "WTF."




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The Update comment is not strictly true.

Not just anyone can get a free iPhone on O2.

You have to be on the £45 or £75 per month Tariff to qualify.
As I understand it, this is the only way that an iPhone will be free on O2.

The £30 & £35 tarries, the iPhone will be £99 for the 8gb and £159 for the 16gb.

It will be £59 for the 16gb on the £45 tariff and Free on the £75



See Apple is taking into account the falling dollar relative to euros and pounds. Come July 11, the value of the American dollar will be so low that for us in the States it will be eventually cheaper than the UK iphone.

Also given that both parties are stuck in contracts, eventually the American dollar will suck so bad that we'll be laughing all the way to the bank about how much the iphone is costing those across the pond.

See its really a win for us, no matter how you look at it.



actually, thats wrong
the iphone is free for ALL customers on the £45 and £75 tariffs



That's what we get for rebelling and forming our own country! :) Oh and..."Well, at least we still have cheaper gas." For now. :(

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