UK iPhone, Touchy touch and Unlocking the iPhone with Ease

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UK iPhone, Touchy touch and Unlocking the iPhone with Ease


The British iPhone is coming: Apple is expected to announce the availability of the iPhone for the UK at their press event tomorrow morning. Mobile operator O2, is reported to be the exclusive carrier of the phone. Talk that O2 will be adding Edge technology to their network, is sure to squelch the notion of an iPhone shipping with 3G in the near future. Mac|Life's sister site, MacFormat, will be live blogging the event from across the pond at 10AM GMT in London. That's 2AM PDT for the night owls out there.


Touché touch: Hacking the iPod touch is trickier than expected. The device, which was expected to have the exact setup as the iPhone, sans phone, is surprising resilient to early attempts at hacking its interface. Guess we'll have to wait a few more days before we're checking our email and adding events to our iPod touch.


Free and easy: Destroying the profits of a few online companies, the iPhone Dev Team announced the free GUI iPhone Unlock Tool. The one touch tool unlocks your iPhone for use with any GSM mobile provider. Those who want to a choice in mobile providers or want to use their iPhones in areas where there is no AT&T coverage should be jumping for joy.


Boss for a buck: Steve isn't the only top executive who makes $1 a year running a company.


And finally: Is the Apple TV a flop?



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