Unbricked iPhone, iPod touch Gets Hacked and nano Gaming

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Unbricked iPhone, iPod touch Gets Hacked and nano Gaming


Unbrick your iPhone: Owners of bricked iPhones rejoice. iPhoneSimFree released version 1.6 of their unlocking software, which they believe will return your iPhone to its former glory. Before you start dancing in the streets and firing your various small arms into the air, there is a catch. It's gonna cost you. The for-profit software unlocking company has a list of "official retailers" available on their site.


Bricked iPhone owners leave comments on your experience below.


In non-bricked news, the iPhone Dev Team has released a procedure to jailbreak iPhones updated to 1.1.1.


iPod touch now 38 percent cooler: The biggest complaint concerning the iPod touch was Apple's decision to leave mail, Google Maps and the ability to add events to the calendar has been resolved. The procedure isn't out in the wild yet, but it's got the Mac|Life staff reaching for its wallet in anticipation.


A Mac|Life friendly reminder, tread lightly with all the updated hackery going on. It's all fun and games until some loses an i.


Web-app approved: Apple is reportedly building a list of approved third-party iPhone web-apps. Developers would submit their web-based app to Apple much the same way developers submit to the Download directory on their site.


Apple's big money market share: Apple notebooks have captured a 29 percent share of the US market for expensive (prices in the top 20 perent of the market) laptops. Three years ago, Apple's share of that market was 8 percent.


Lawsuit-a-rama: Apple is being sued in federal and state court over the iPhone, namely Apple and AT&T's "monopoly" and bricking of unlocked iPhones. Those Apple lawyers must be crazy busy.


iPod nano gaming review: UK site, Pocket Gamer, reviewed the iPod nano as a gaming device. The devices small size and click wheel are its biggest gaming obstacles. Oh, and its lack of Halo 3.


Pick a color, any color: If you're in the market for a Mac Pro but you're concerned the brush metal look will clash with your drapes check this out. Our favorite is green.


Too much time on the internets: Are you worried your kids are spending too much time on the Internet downloading Radiohead albums and contributing to the LOLCat bible? You're not alone. A third of parents believe the internet is sucking up too much of their child's day.


And finally: We're not all cultist fanboys.



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