United Airlines iPod Friendlier, Simon Cowell Not So Much, Apple Silences iMac Display Critics, and A Holiday Bushel of More

United Airlines iPod Friendlier, Simon Cowell Not So Much, Apple Silences iMac Display Critics, and A Holiday Bushel of More


Flying the friendly skies, the musical: In an effort to make you think of almost anything else other than “fiery death in the air,” United Airlines is putting in place flat screens that you can hook your iPods into. No mystery, Apple’s been working with a bunch of airlines to get us off of the whole fiery-death-in-the-air-thing for awhile now.


iPod-a-licious, cash-a-licious: Head of Apple’s iPod unit Tony Fadell just got about $9.22 million in shares of restricted stock that are exercisable in 2010. And he didn’t have to shut down any websites to do it. Kudos to you, Tony, baby. Don’t forget the little people.


Leon sings, Simon sues?: Music manager Simon Cowell’s got his knickers in a twist, cor blimey. Seems like when one of his singer’s songs went public, demand crashed their sites. So Cowell either wants the free press or is seriously considering legal proceedings against iTunes.


Dude…you’re the host of the modern day Gong Show. Relax.


Apple locks thread about iMac displays: Seems like Apple said enough is enough and put a halt to a discussion thread in its support forums that discussed faded iMac screens.


Something about the Smashing Pumpkins: Billy Corgan...zzzzzz...iTunes exclusive…zzzzz...Smashing...zzzzzz....


And from the Whatever File: Symantec says something about Mac OS X security. The Mac world is highly suspect.


FREE STUFF, FREE STUFF: Freeverse is giving away its award-winning game Wingnuts 2 for the holidays. If you can't afford it, rather than rob liquor stores, you can simply send an email to Gift@freeverse.com between now and December 26th telling them about the best gift you ever gave. They'll send you a download link and registration code for Wingnuts 2.


Believe it.



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please tell your client SONY that they are wasting precious advertising dollars

i wouldn't buy a VAIO or anything else that runs windoze for $1

they'd be better off hawking hi-def tvs or audio equipment

just my 2¢



Don't hate on the Pumpkins! They were one of the most influential band of the late nineties.

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