Unity Game Development Tool, Kongregate Games Community, and More: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

Unity Game Development Tool, Kongregate Games Community, and More: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

Casual Connect 2007 is over, and we are left breathless with the amount of stunning Mac announcements and revelations we discovered. We’ve posted some of them already, but frankly, there were so many other interesting events, insights, and conversations regarding the Mac that we just didn’t have the room to post them all. Here are some highlights.


• The Mac is the "in" system to use by game developers in Vancouver, British Columbia.
• At the IndieGamer Forums dinner we attended most folks said it’s pretty much expected that if you build a game for the Windows platform, you’ve gotta provide a Mac version.
• Not everyone who speaks on the conference stage knows what they are talking about, or knows how to speak to game developers.
• Games such as Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble are sure signs that there are still creative people making casual games.
• Industry big-wigs in the casual games industry seem to be ignoring the innovators in favor of sequels and games based on other games, televisions shows, and movies.
• Almost half of the laptops we saw at the conference were Macs…wait, wasn’t that the GDC?
• We saw a very cool iPhone game concept called Tilt that takes advantage of the Safari browser’s ability to change size when the iPhone is tilted from portrait to landscape mode.


There are many predictions about where the casual game industry is going. Microtransactions seem to be the money word this year, and now it’s not just large Windows-based casual game companies that are moving into the Mac space, but big traditional game companies, even entertainment companies that haven’t touched games before, such as MTV. No one knows for certain how all of this will affect the casual games industry as a whole in the coming year, let alone the Mac space. But it will be a wild ride.


D. Omaha Sternberg is the producer and host of the iGame Radio podcast.




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The thing is that i hope it could lead to a completely focused group of people who truly like what they do contributing to a giant pool of awsome. Ya know, not just people putting up whatever shit they can make in a few hours.


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