Unlocked iPhones Not Really Unlocked and Get Ready for Windows 7, Eventually

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Unlocked iPhones Not Really Unlocked and Get Ready for Windows 7, Eventually


Stuck in France: The officially unlocked French iPhones aren't as unlocked as you think. The phones are tethered to work with only French carriers. In other words, you can't buy an unlocked French iPhone from Orange and use it with an American, German or UK based sim card. I'll be right back, I have some Ebay bids to rescind.


All the worlds data in your pocket: According the Google all the world's data will eventually fit inside an iPod. No word on if that iPod will have a Wi-Fi sync or an FM receiver.


I want to believe: Apple Insider is reporting on mysterious grey-ish tiny notebooks being seen around the Apple campus. The slender mystery book is possibly the rumored subcompact notebook we've been hearing about. Expect a fuzzy mobile phone picture by the end of next week.


Out of the way Vista, here comes Windows 7: A Microsoft blogger revealed that the next version of Windows will contain touch features similar to the iPhone. The successor to Vista will be out no sooner than 2010. By then the iPhone should have all the world's data on it.


Fire up the spreadsheets: Chomping at the bit for the latest Office for Mac? Well you're in luck! Office 2008 has gone gold and is being released to manufacturers. The product is launching January 15 at some Expo you may have heard about. Ars Technica wraps up its preview series with a look at Excel.


Dig in the gub: British sister site MacFormat ran across an interesting article on the BBC's website about a man with $85,000 phone bill. (That's why you get the unlimited texting plan.) The BBC used an iPhone image to sex up the story and MacFormat clearly doesn't condone those shenanigans.


And finally: Mac vs PC animated. Thanks nameless commenter!



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How silly. I have an unlocked iphone from Dubai. Paid 700 Dollars and used a T-Mobile simcard with a data plan in the US with no problems. traveled from Cleveland to North Carolina and back and it worked great everywere I went. It also worked in Thailand with an Orange sim card as well. In Dubai used the Etisalet card. If my iphone is not unlocked, what is it then?


Ron in Ann Arbor

That was known about the French phone since day one, when people tried to unlock it overseas and found they needed a French credit card and a french laptop to do so with a French isp address...

Slow news day?



$85,000 - the best part about the bbc implying it was an iPhone is that Canada does not yet have it.

Plus iPhone on Bell (the company that created the $85000)? Can you hear me now?

Nope. And I never will.


Roberto Baldwin

Classic journalism



They're animated - check it out on the apple home page.

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