Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone Traded for a Car, New iPods Sept. 5, and More

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Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone Traded for a Car, New iPods Sept. 5, and More

iPhone Unlocked! A 17-year-old named George Hotz completely unlocked his iPhone (some soldering was required) and got it running on T-Mobile's network. He's detailed the process on his blog, and also told of trying to sell the phone on eBay, before the auction was shut down. He wound up trading it for a Nissan 350Z and three more 8GB iPhones (for his team members). Not bad. Two companies claim that they can unlock the iPhone with software only, but AT&T's legal team contacted one, iPhoneUnlocking.com, which had planned to sell its unlocking software starting last Saturday. Now that plan (if there indeed was a solution) has been put on hold. The other company, iPhoneSIMFree.com, won't say if it's been contacted by AT&T or not. Here is an overview of the differences between the three methods, but the big question is: Is this even illegal? Engadget and Ars Technica try to answer, but it seems murky at best for now. Reselling an unlocked phone is most likely a violation of the DMCA, and according to a former FCC commissioner, "All consumers pay a price tomorrow for thievery today." And another interesting tidbit: An AT&T exec said that AT&T will happily unlock your iPhone for you -- after you've fulfilled your two-year service contract, that is.


New iPods Are Coming: Sources within Apple have told Ars Technica that the new iPods will be unveiled at an event on September 5. AppleInsider points to dwindling supplies of current-gen iPods as possible confirmation, and MacRumors has some speculation on a new model: the iPhone-esque "iPod Touch." Apple may also be planning to offer iTunes gift cards for specific artists or albums, and we're still holding out hope that the Beatles will hit the iTunes Store soon, too. And speaking of iPods, the tiniest models may have some competition in the form of SanDisk's Sansa Clip MP3 player, which looks a bit like an iPod shuffle, only with a tiny screen. A 2GB model is just $60.


More Apple and Mac News: A new Leopard build is out, packing near-final features like parental controls. The Leopard welcome video has been leaked, too. We've found some cool tips for iMovie 08. Skype for Mac's newest iteration, version 2.6, brings a Mac-exclusive feature: the ability to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user. And CNET examines whether the iPhone's near-obligatory two-handed operation is a problem, or just a shift in the priorities of smartphone design.



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I'm not sure I understand what's the point of breaking it, apart from pure sport. Just to make calls and have an image gadget in the hand? What about provider-linked services like visual voice mail, coordinates identification, pushed-down premium email from yahoo (I'm sure it won't work just like that without provider). Also, for the gadget like this, warranty is definitely lost if it's broken. Quite a lot of money for a phone without warranty, I believe.



Wasn't it just last week that that old commercial of Woz pitching a Z-car was making the rounds? It's nice to think that young Mac enthusiasts were paying attention.



I use my iphone with one hand all the time. I make calls, use the ipod, write emails and text messages with one hand, no problem. Granted, if I'm typing away at a large document or long email, its faster to use two hands, just like it was with my Treo. But I the idea that you can't use an iphone with one hand is sort of ridiculous.

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