Update for New Keyboard, Pages and Pages of iPhone Bills, and More

Update for New Keyboard, Pages and Pages of iPhone Bills, and More

Keyboard software update: If you bought one of the new aluminum iMacs you may have found that some of the keys on the new keyboard didn't work. You need to download and install Keyboard Software Update 1.1. The update will activate the new keys.


European iPhone trademark battle: Apparently, the trademark battle over the iPhone name isn't over for Apple. in fact, the battle has just begun in Europe, where several companies throughout Europe use the iPhone moniker. Knowing Apple's history, the company will just take its chances in court, after the iPhone has made its debut.


The iPhone kills trees: People are starting to get their first iPhone bill, and they're finding out that AT&T itemizes your data usage, resulting in bills that can be more than 300 pages long. If you don't want such a long paper bill, log into your AT&T account online and sign up for electronic billing.


The Stickergate reporter revealed: There's a part of the Mac community that's all worked up over a question about Intel Inside stickers asked at the iMac unveiling last Tuesday. Now that the offending reporter has responded to the criticism, can we leave him alone now? Reporters have asked "stupid" and "inappropriate" questions for ages - this isn't anything new.


In other news: What's the difference between brushed and anodized aluminum, anyway? Google will shut down its video download service on August 15. If you bought a Google video, your video will be rendered useless because of the DRM, but Google will grant you a credit for your purchase (big whoop). And finally, UC Irvine has built a 200 million pixel TV. Must. Have. It. Now.




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