Update: iPhone Innards Re-Revealed

Update: iPhone Innards Re-Revealed


Yesterday we reported that an Italian Intel exec had said that although the chip that will provide the iPhone its core intelligence will be, as first reported, an Intel-designed XScale, it's not manufactured by Intel, but instead by the Marvell Technology Group.


Scratch that. Today, AppleInsider reports that the iPhone's SoC (System-on-Chip) will actually be supplied by Samsung, and will not be Marvel's XScale.


To most future 'Phoners, of course, exactly what chip will command the iPhone's loveliness will be of little importance, but we thought that we should set the record straight - that is, until someone answers our phone calls and reveals that what's actually powering the iPhone is an Intel 8086.




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Hey! I resent your mocking the Intel 8086 chip. I paid $4,000 for an IBM with D-U-A-L floppy drives. I could print a general ledger off Peachtree in less than two hours.

So there.



Wow, 2 hours! I was never able to get it down to less than 3...

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